WinSkin S Plant S.C. Essence Series

WinSkin™ S1 Yew S.C. Essence 30mL

Main Ingredients: Yew stem cell extract, citrus paradisi (grapefruit) fruit extract and portulaca oleracea extract.
Main Efficacies: Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, oil control, calming, skin-harm recovering, moisturizing, relieving of pain on lip ulcers and cracks, and relieving of ulcers bitten by mosquitoes.

Yew stem cell

Yew tree has strong vitality and corrosion resistance. Known as “living fossil”, it has been “living” on the earth for more than 2.5 million years. Yew is also a world-wide recognized endangered anti-cancer plant, whose rich antioxidant polyphenol content is widely used for anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory treatment.

Efficacies of yew stem cell

Stem cells isolated from an 1100-year-old yew tree have shown strong efficacy to recover sensitive skin from inflammation, and can “fight” against oxidants and provide a comprehensive solution to different kinds of skin troubles. (Korean Patent:No.10-1100867 “Anti-oxidative, Anti-inflammatory, or Anti-aging Composition Comprising Plant Stem Cell Line Derived from Cambium or Procambium of Taxus”.)

Anti-inflammatory efficacy

Vivo and Vitro studies have proven that yew stem cells can suppress manifestation of cytokine (ICAM-1, IL-1β), hence verifying yew stem cell’s anti-inflammatory capability.

Anti-oxidation efficacy

Oxidants can damage skin cells and accelerate skin aging. Studies have proven yew stem cell has strong anti-oxidation activity that eliminates excessive and reactive oxygen accumulating within a living organism.

WinSkin™ S2 Ginseng S.C. Essence 30mL

Main Ingredients: Wild ginseng stem cell extract, adenosine, citrus paradisi (grape fruit) fruit extract.
Main Efficacies: Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, enhancement of skin elasticity, anti-oxidation and anti-pregnancy-induced-wrinkle.

Ginseng stem cell

Wild ginseng is also known as “King of Medical Herbs”. Research results show that the total content of ginsenoside in the wild ginseng is significantly higher than in the cultivated one. Especially, the content of rare ginsenoside Rh2 (which has anti-cancer efficacy) is 3.4 times higher in the wild ginseng than in the cultivated one. Moreover, wild ginseng also contains more micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals. The plant stem cells are isolated from an over 50 years old wild ginseng found in the Gangwon Province of Korea, which is the most famous birthplace of wild ginseng.

Suppression of Collagen Breakdown And Anti-Aging Efficacy

An enzyme in the skin, MMP-1 causes collagen to break down in a faster rate through UV ray damage. This results in skin inelasticity and wrinkle formation. The wild ginseng stem cell is capable of inhibiting MMP-1. Scientific research verified that the wild ginseng stem cell is superior to retinoic acid to inhibit MMP-1 activity, which is one of the well-know anti-aging substances yet discovered. The wild ginseng stem cell increases proliferation of fibroblast prominently, which synthesize collagen and responsible for skin elasticity.

Anti-oxidation efficacy

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) generated by UV rays harms the skin through speedy aging. The wild ginseng stem cell is capable of eliminating ROS. Scientific research verified that the wild ginseng stem cell is more superior to red ginseng extracts to remove ROS.

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