Developed and patented after extensive research, WinGuard is an ultra-thin, flexible, stylish, and easy-to-use sticker that fits over your cell phone and covers most of the ear speaker.

What is WinGuard?

A super anti-radiation device made with advanced technological materials (EMS Max and EMS Clean).

• Absorbs 93.7% to 99.9% of harmful EMF radiation from cell phones & nearby electronic devices, using patented EMS-MAX™ technology.
• Transforms harmful radiation into mild heat that dissipates safely into the air.
• WinGuard absorbs and transforms radiation from all global mobile phone frequencies, ranging from 10MHz to 8000MHz.

What’s the technology behind WinGuard?

Military stealth secrets are behind the two patented and trademarked technologies of the advanced Winalite WinGuard sticker:

• EMS-MAX™ — a top, patented radiation absorption material specially developed for mobile phones.
• EMSI Clean™ — a creative, patented technology that greatly reduces call interruptions and improves call quality.

EMS refers to “Electromagnetic Sorption”. Winalite has improved and adapted EMS technology to produce an advanced, cutting-edge product called WinGuard for cell phones. The main WinGuard advanced EMS technology is called EMS-MAX™. The exact composition and manufacturing method of EMS-MAX™ is solidly protected by a patent.

The amazing, flexible WinGuard sticker absorbs 93.7% to 99% of electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, as well as from nearby electronic devices. The easy-to-use WinGuard device turns the radiation into mild heat, and emits the heat harmlessly into the air.

No heavy metals or radioactive substances are used in WinGuard technology. The EMS-MAX™ technology is stable and long-lasting. The positive effects of the convenient, stylish WinGuard sticker expire 6 years from the manufacturing date (which is indicated on the package). After opening the WinGuard package, use it within 2 years for the best quality performance.

About the Company

Winalite International is a multinational corporation specializing in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of high-tech products. With its major product Winion (Anion) Sanitary Napkin, it has received positive responses from the global market as well as wide recognition and a stellar reputation since its founding in January 2007.

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