Love Moon Instant Black Shampoo

The Latest Hi-tech Hair-Blackening Product in the 21st Century. The product resolute the four major hair-blackening problems: incomplete, unsafe, non-durable and slow-dyeing. It helps you to complete the following process while washing your hair: blackening, nourishing, conditioning and repairing. With natural herbal essences and hair care ions, the shampoo has special triple effects: shampoo, conditioning and blackening. It can effectively reduce the damage to the hair, due to its active formula: it can penetrate to the deep layer of the hair with nutrients going deeply into hair follicles, moisturize hair from inside to outside and form melanin. No matter what your hair quality is, Love Moon Instant Black Shampoo makes your hair healthy, black and beautiful. Without hairdressing, dyeing or sticking scalp, it can naturally blacken your hair without any harm.

Unique features: Instant blackening

The hair scales open naturally while washing hair with the shampoo, allowing the natural oxidizing elements to enter the inner hair and activate the hair melanin, so as to achieve the effect of black hair. Without discoloration or fading, it plays the role of hair repairing and nourishing through natural plant extracts and gives your gray hair a new life immediately after 5 minutes.

Leading technology: Safe blackening

With breakthrough innovation, Love Moon Instant Black Shampoo eliminates people’s fear of harm from coloration. It is the anti-allergic, non-toxic, side-effect-free and high-tech hair-blackening product which passed the security inspection of Technical Supervision of Daily Chemical Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station of Guangdong, China. All the technical indicators meet or exceed the Chinese national standard and its security and technology leads the industry.

Natural care: Lasting black

Love Moon Instant Black Shampoo integrates the functions including shampoo, nourishing, conditioning and blackening. You can apply the shampoo directly on hair before washing. Without wetting your hair, it is more convenient to use. Using Love Moon Instant Black Shampoo just for one time can keep the hair black and glossy for a whole month. Long-term usage helps the growth of hair melanin and gives you natural perfect black hair.

About the Company

Winalite International is a multinational corporation specializing in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of high-tech products. With its major product Winion (Anion) Sanitary Napkin, it has received positive responses from the global market as well as wide recognition and a stellar reputation since its founding in January 2007.

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