Russian Novosibirsk branch annual congress

In July, Russian Irkutsk is very busy than past years. In the city and countryside, everywhere you can see the tourist groups from China and other foreign countries, they came to this beautiful city has a common purpose, it is to see the world's largest freshwater Lake Baikal. Winalite Novosibirsk branch also here to tell its stories. On 24th July 2015, in Russian Branch selected 7 good lecturers to Irkutsk city by internet competition, they will play again after receiving more systematic training, then find out the best lecturer to help the company to complete the promotion work of products, system and the new sales promotion rules.

President of European region Mr. Liu Ting speech and network leader Natasha train the alternative lecturers.

On 25th July 2015, Novosibirsk branch in Lake Baikal held the 7th annual congress, more than 300 people attended, the atmosphere is warm.

Winalite Chairman Mr. Vincent Chen, Mrs. Hu Jing and Russian area and the European region President Mr. Liu Ting attended it; they fill light for the congress. Russian distributors felt happy to take pictures with Chen Huaide and Hu Jing.

In the annual congress, Winalite presented the awards to the good teams and distributors.

In endless joy, the 7th annual congress coming to an end, how can you see the rainbow without experiencing a rainy day, Since Novosibirsk branch inception, step by step, our today's achievements, is coming from the hardworking of employees and distributors. For the past seven years, we have created outstanding achievements with you. Yesterday's success has been in the past, and then we have to develop a broader market, create a great miracle. Let’s keep the same aim, believe that the miracle is in the future.

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