Winalite Healthcard

Continuous improvements in modern industries and rapid developments in science and technology have led to the extensive use of various household electrical appliances. While this has bought great convenience to our work and daily life, it has also presented potential hazards to our health. Science has proven that electrical appliances emit electromagnetic waves or otherwise known as EMF’s. These EMF’s and the waves they produce are invisible, colourless and unavoidable. They are now fast becoming one of the newest global concerns of the modern era, slowly invading our bodies and affecting our health. Winalite International introduces the Winalite Healthcard, a breakthrough wallet sized card that absorbs and reduces electromagnetic fields from common everyday devices.

Winalite Healthcard (EMF CARD)

EMF radiation is all around us because we use electrically powered computers, cell phones, microwave ovens and other wireless technologies. Although these technologies make life quite convenient, too much of this radiation lowers our immune system’s ability to fight diseases.

Innovative, pocket-sized card effectively protects our health by absorbing and eliminating electromagnetic radiation from all electronic sources!

After extensive research and development, Winalite International has produced an EMF card embedded with a high-tech chip composed of special, radiation-absorbing magnetic material. This amazing chip absorbs nearby EMF radiation and transforms EMFs into harmless heat energy. When you carry the Winalite Healthcard, it creates a protective shield that ensures you will be safe from the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

The EMF card by Winalite has received a Patent from the Chinese National Patent Authority. The China Electronic Technology University and China Technology Test Research Laboratory have tested the EMF card. These highly respected institutions determined that the Winalite EMF card:

• Is specially-designed to absorb and reduce the effects of harmful electromagnetic fields
• Has a lifespan of approximately 6 years, providing you with long term protection
• Is magnet-proof, waterproof, heat resistant and durable

About the Company

Winalite International is a multinational corporation specializing in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of high-tech products. With its major product Winion (Anion) Sanitary Napkin, it has received positive responses from the global market as well as wide recognition and a stellar reputation since its founding in January 2007.

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